What is Dual Enrollment?
At the University of Connecticut, dual enrollment is defined as a high school student who is taking an on-campus college course and receives college credit for the course and may receive high school credit for the course. Each high school has its own policy on dual enrollment. It is important to discuss your plans to take an on-campus class with your school counselor to determine if dual credit will be given.

If you are a junior or senior in high school and have exhausted the early college options offered at your high school, you may be eligible to take a UConn course at one of UConn’s five campuses. It may be possible to also receive high school credits for these courses depending on your high school’s dual enrollment policy.


  • You must be considered either a junior or senior in high school regardless of age.
  • You must view the Dual Enrollment Orientation on this website and sign an acknowledgment that you understand the rights and responsibilities of a non-degree UConn student.
  • In some cases, you must have the consent of the course instructor to enroll in his or her class(Instructors have right of refusal of minor students due to the sensitivity of certain course material). You may also need to contact the instructor for a permission number if the course is full or you do not have the correct pre-requisites.
  • You must have taken any pre-requisite courses needed to successfully complete the course you wish to enroll in.
  • If the high school offers UConn ECE courses, opportunities for coursework at the high school must be exhausted prior to a student applying for dual enrollment.


  • A high school GPA of 3.3 out of a 4.0 scale.
  • A combined math and critical reading P/SAT score of 1270 or higher. (Waived until 2023-2024 due to COVID-19) 
  • A recommendation from your high school instructor in the subject matter requested, or from your school counselor.
  • Home schooled students must provide P/SAT scores and other evidence of preparedness for college courses. (Waived until 2023-2024 due to COVID-19)